Monday, March 31, 2014

We've seen a theme of "hope" this past week

Hey, family & friends!

In case you were wondering, yes, this week was also fantastic!
We found some new investigators this week!  Hailey and Rainee (and we met their brother, Sunny! badum ch!) are twins and they've been taught before, but didn't want the missionaries to keep coming.  However, they've been coming to Young Women's every wednesday night and they're ready for the lessons again!  They're way fun!

Hannah's grandpa finally answered, and she now has a solid baptism date for mid-April!  

We haven't been able to really see some people lately due to spring break and crazy schedules, but with the chains of school and everything shackling its prisoners once again, we'll finally get them all where we want them.  Muahaha!

We introduced Pat to family history this week, and he said it sounded fascinating!  We're hoping the "Spirit of Elijah" will get him going!

R.C. is still great!  We got to eat dinner with them last night for their daughter's birthday celebration and watch him and his wonderful wife play tickle and slap (more slap than tickle), which is always fun!  For the past week and a half, things have been exploding over there with computer and plumbing problems, so they've had to cancel on us about 3 times, so we know the adversary is really trying to keep him from admitting to the truth he knows.  We pointed out how as soon as we started meeting, things started going crazy, and though he seemed "skeptical" that we were bringing all these problems, we think he's making the connection of how important this is!
We've seen a theme of "hope" this past week, but I don't have enough time to give a tear-tugging sermon on it, so poke yourselves in the eye and pretend I did. 

Love you all!  Take hope this week!
-Sister Jacobson

Pics: Sister Mork sent them this week because I'm a scrub and didn't take any again.  Woops!  

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