Monday, March 25, 2013


Hello family and friends!

First off, thank you SO much for the St. Patrick's Day green goodies galore gift! We were going to take a picture with all the stuff inside, but we ate most of it, so....
Oh, and a little boy in one of our wards has a huge crush on me. Better step up, gentleman. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Mr. Buble.)

AWESOME things happening this week! We've found some new investigators!! Kayde and Kellen are brothers, 13 and 9. Their mom is less-active, but Kayde has gone to church a bunch with one of his friends in another ward, and Kellen wants to be involved with scouts. Their mom wants them to be baptized and involved in the programs there (Young Men's and scouts), as well as Brooklyn with the Primary. The boys want to also. It's amazing what blessings fasting, prayer, obedience, and hard work get you. He led us to talk with them and helped them to be comfortable with us. Just.... yes!!
We had an incredible lesson with Liz this week! We read 2 Nephi 4 with her and talked about committing to change, improvement. We think it rekindled her fire a bit with quitting smoking and doing the things she needs to do to make that happen.
Teva is still plugging along. Go team!
Oh! We got Bible-bashed yesterday!! My first one!! Of course, Sister Kuhns and I kept calm, didn't bash back, and testified of truthfulness, but none of it went through. You can't feel the Spirit if you're not receptive to it first. You have to choose to let it in. It was actually quite a testament to me of the fruits of the Spirit. As they denounced and belittled what we know to be true, the Holy Ghost withdrew His presence from the conversation. He can't dwell in a contentious environment. It's such a difference to the way I feel with the companionship of the Holy Ghost--peaceful, happy, calm, joyful. That difference in feeling strengthens my testimony of this church, for the Spirit speaks not only to our minds, but to our hearts, also. And I feel in my heart and know in my mind that the Book of Mormon is true.

Also yesterday was a mission-wide Easter fireside! It was so powerful. There were musical numbers, talks, and Mormon Messages shown. I got to sing and my companion got to talk! I sang His Hands. The Lord helped me to convey my testimony of the Atonement through the music, and I'm so grateful for His help! There are so many talented missionaries here to look up to. But it's not about the talents here--it's about the Spirit that was conveyed through everyone's talents. I know the investigators brought there could feel the Holy Ghost testifying to them because I felt Him testifying to me.
In light of the coming Easter Sunday, everybody watch the Mormon Messages "None Were With Him" (based on the talk by Elder Holland) and "His Sacred Name--And Easter Declaration." Very powerful. Go to Do it. (Please and thanks.)
I know the Savior's Atonement is real. As I repent, I feel the burden of my sins being lifted off my shoulders. I know that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel (Articles of Faith 1:3). He died for me. He died for you. He knows exactly what you're going through because He's gone through it before when he took on all our heartaches, disappointments, trials, challenges, and sorrows. He knows exactly how to succor you. You are never alone.
I love you so much, family! Don't forget it.
-Sister Jacobson

Monday, March 18, 2013

God's army!

Hey, family & friends!

Shout-out to my future missionary compadres!! God's army, represent!!
Lots of finding this week, and lots of potential! Nothing spectacular, but surely spectacular things to come very soon. Prayer, fasting, hard work, and exact obedience bring blessings. And if your desires are good, then they shall be granted you. (Read Doctrine and Covenants 6. It's magically delicious.)
We tracted into one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen this week! 
Also, we went to the dentist! Did you know that you don't reap the benefits of flouride in your toothpaste if you rinse your mouth  out afterward? Just spit out the extra. Don't rinse.
We've been taking out a 20 year-old, Karen, out with us to teach these past few weeks. She is so much fun and so great. She had received her mission call to Italy, and her farewell was yesterday. How exciting! And how interesting. It's hard to believe I gave one of those a short two months ago. So touching to kind of relive the beginning of such an important, rewarding journey. she's going to do great things.
In addition to that pleasant flashback, transfers were this week, so we got to meet a bunch of the new missionaries! 29, with 9 of them being sisters!! In the visitors' center, there are 6 companionships of sisters: three english-speaking, three spanish-speaking. Sister Kuhns and I were the only ones not changed--two of the sisters went home, and a bunch were transferred, so 5 sisters in the VC are training! The new sisters are so great!! So solid. Kind of weird--one of them was talking to someone and said she was "fresh out of the MTC," which is what I would say. In that moment, I realized I can't say that anymore! I feel like I've learned and grown and changed SO much here, but I still feel like I have so far to go.... because I do. It's just... It's just cool.
Liz came to church! We weren't able to see her this past week since she was still sick, but she came back to church! Woooo!!! And we saw Teva three times this week!    He knows the church is true, and he has grown so much from the trials he was given. What a guy. Oh, and he buys us frozen yogurt all the time. What. A. Guy.
Assignment: watch the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb." Proceed to bawl.
Out of time! I love you all so much!! But, more importantly, I love the Lord. And He loves you too.

All my love,
Sister Jacobson

Monday, March 11, 2013

This also cam today from Katie's missionary companion
She is such a hard worker! She is an amazing teacher, obedient, loving, and hilarious. We get along so well. I am so lucky to have my best friend as my companion. Her testimony shines through her constantly. She is a huge example to me on how to be Christ-like. I really look up to her.        Love, Sister Kuhns
Hello, family & friends!!
New obsessions: Vanilla almond milk, thai food, and Jericho Road (aka Backstreet Boys). 
This week was a little less successful than we would have liked it to be. We did lots and lots of work trying to go through Former and Potential Investigators in the Area Book, but most either weren't home or weren't interested. Liz and her family was sick this past week, so they didn't go to church, and she hasn't been keeping up on her scripture reading, which, because of the lack of spiritual protection, has caused her to smoking as many cigarettes as she was at the beginning. We've worked so hard with not too much to show for it. BUT! I will never let frustrations or low numbers discourage me. These kinds of weeks are inevitable on the mission, and so far it's just motivating me to work even harder! Be ever more obedient, be even more faithful, and try to be even more Christlike. When we persevere through trials, we receive blessings proportional (probably even more than that) to our effort, so I know that after this slump, however long it may be, we will be blessed beyond measure for remaining faithful. We are going to turn this area around with the Lord's help!! We also did come out with a lot of potential investigators too.... we'll see! Woo!
Ready for this? ....Mercediez is baptized now!!! WOOOOO!!!! Beautiful service. So excited for her! She was just glowing afterwards! We talked to her dad (not a member) afterwards and were like, "So, you next?" He kind of laughed, but said that with two of his daughters baptized now, he'd been thinking about it a lot. Right now isn't a good time, since he's super busy with his work, but hey.... we'll talk with him eventually, I'm sure :) There's nothing quite like the example of someone entering the gate to eternal life to give someone the spark to do the same.
Cool things at the Visitors' Center this week! Last monday, this family came in and went to the theater to watch a short film. The dad stayed out, however, and told us that his daughter brought a Korean friend from Weber State with her who's not a Mormon. He wondered if we could give her a Korean Book of Mormon. We have copies of the Book of Mormon in roughly a thousand languages at the VC, so of course we said yes! (Note: it's probably more like 30. But you know. Whatever.) They came out of the theater, got the tour of our Arnold Friburg Book of Mormon paintings exhibit from the next set of sisters, then came to the Christus statue where Sister Kuhns and I were. (Makes you want to go the Hill Cumorah VC, no?) We had them listen to it first in English, then in Korean. The Korean girl, "Stella," completely lit up when she heard it in her own language! After we were all done with the tour, we got to know her a bit, and gave her the Korean Book of Mormon. Again, she completely lit up! She actually asked for another one to give to her other Korean friend! We offered to teach her over the phone and she agreed!
Oh! New things happening! Sister Kuhns and I and a handful of other missionaries from our zone are, as of wednesday (transfers), no longer part of the Idaho Falls North Zone.... but the brand spankin' new Idaho Falls Central Zone! Our areas are completely the same, but we're with new people. It'll be a little sad to not see all these awesome missionaries I've gotten to know anymore, but I'm excited to make more friends and meet more missionaries! It's going to be the most unified zone in the whole IPM! Aw yeah.
Also as of wednesday, we're losing our car! But no worries. We love walking and we have a tiny area. I'm really excited, to be honest!
Next assignment: read 2 Nephi 9 and focus on verses 49-50. Beautiful. Do it. You know you want to.
I know that our Savior died for us--all of us. We can be made whole through Him, no matter how much we've endured or how far we've fallen. I know that through the Atonement, all mankind may be saved by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel (Articles of Faith 1:3). He's given us this immeasurably perfect gift: the gift of salvation! The only thing we have to do is receive it. If we do our part, He will keep His promises, for "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise," (Doctrine and Covenants 82:10). I love you all so much!! But the Lord loves you even more. I promise.
Love always,
Sister Jacobson


Monday, March 4, 2013

This week has been so interesting!
First off, we found this huuuge pinecone, so we took it home. So now we have a pet pinecone named Gretchen. I'll send pictures later.
Wednesday, we got a call from a sister named, Veronica saying that her step-daughter, Alyssa, had moved in a bit ago with her boyfriend, Dale, and Dale wanted to take missionary discussions and be baptized. WHOOOOA!! So we taught him that night. Awesome, awesome lesson! The Spirit was so strong! We asked him if he would be baptized, and he said yes! But then we talked to him about how he needs to keep the Law of Chastity and either get married or separated before he could get baptized. Alyssa said they were planning on getting married sometime in May when she saves up enough money for a nice dress. However, at the end of the lesson, I felt prompted to ask them if they would take the necessary steps to be baptized on March 30... to which they agreed! It was one of those moments when the Spirit is working so much through you that you feel physically weakened after it. We stayed just a few minutes after the lesson, talking with Veronica, and Dale was already reading the Book of Mormon before we left. Oh my gosh.
Yesterday, however, things got.... complicated. We were on our way to their house for our second appointment when Veronica called us to say that she had kicked Dale and Alyssa and their baby out of the house. We were on our way to her house to try to figure out what exactly went down, when we saw Dale and Alyssa pushing a stroller down the sidewalk. We stopped to talk to them. They told their side of the story, and are now homeless. We then went to talk with Veronica, who gave her side of the story. All in all, it was exhausting. Separately, Veronica told us that Alyssa was willing to get married this coming weekend so Dale could get baptized on the 30th, but yesterday, he said during the fallout that he didn't want to be baptized then. I don't know the full story, and I don't really know what's going to happen next with any of them (Dale and Alyssa said they were going to try to move back to Salt Lake), but dang.... what a bummer.
On a completely different, awesome note: Mercediez is getting baptized this saturday!!! I don't remember if I've talked about her yet, but she's 13, and has been wanting to get baptized for a while now, but has been waiting for her grandpa to get in town to baptize her. Her grandpa is a trucker and was planning on coming at the end of march, but got in a crash last week (he was fine, the car wasn't), so no one knew when he would get here--months, maybe. Wednesday night, though, we got a text from Mercediez' mom (less active who had previously expressed that Mercediez wasn't ready yet), saying her grandpa would be in town this coming weekend, they had talked to the bishop, and Mercediez can get baptized on the ninth!! AAAHHH!!! We went over to talk about everything on saturday, and Mercediez is so excited. She's such an angel! I am so happy for her.
Even though we've had a lot of ups and downs this week, I like to take to the example of this hilarious, firecracker, unbelievably sweet 80 year-old lady in one of our wards, Phyllis. Her husband died a few years ago, she's recently had knee surgery and can't get around as much, and lives alone. However, she spends all her time making quilts and baking things to give to others. All of her time is spent in service! As we've visited her, she's said, "Each time I feel down, I realize that I have a warm house, food, and everything to live for." What an amazing lady! She's said about making these 3-hour rolls, "The more I told myself I couldn't do it.... the more I wanted to." She's such an incredible example of gratitude and charity. I love her so much!
Teva's doing much better! He realizes these trials have humbled him and have helped him to grow closer to God.   And Liz and her family wanted to come to church yesterday, but they were sick. But they're planning on coming next week! They're doing so well!
God wants to bless you, and all you have to do is follow His simple commandments. He's not going to give any commandments that you can't follow, and He won't give you any trials you can't handle. He knows you. He loves you. If you are obedient and work hard, He WILL keep His promises and bless you. I've seen it so much these past few weeks.
I love you all so much!
-Sister Jacobson

P.S.   I cover 5 wards- a stake. I suggested our zone wear red to zone conference (since there are three zones that meet), and we all did it! zone unity! Great picture op! (from her mom: I had asked Katie what was behind the picture in the previous post with all the missionaries wearing red/black)
  Love you! Thanks for everything!