Monday, March 24, 2014

My mission means everything to me!

Dear Family and Friends,
I pretty much don't care about anything anymore accept for missionary work, so I apologize if my letters are getting progressively more boring haha.  I've realized lately that all my enthusiasm and energy are being channeled only into testifying of the Gospel and inviting people to come unto Christ.  And maybe into eating Sriracha sauce.

We showed Pat a video called "Finding Faith in Christ," and he said, "Huh... maybe I do have faith after all!"  Super awesome.

The boys are all as fun as always.  Quote: "We'll have to use that idea when we go on OUR missions!"   Booyah!

Turns out, we can't baptize Greg or DeWayne for technical things  but we still will go over every once in a while to have family prayer and scripture study with them.  We know these are the things that will strengthen their relationships with each other by strengthening their relationships with Christ, and we can definitely feel a difference in their home between before and after the studies. This Gospel truly does bless families.
Hannah's as adorable as always.  Still trying to get in contact with her grandpa.

We're also going to start teaching this cute Chinese foreign exchange student soon!  We've seen her around a couple times (she lives with some members in our ward), and yesterday we invited her to take the lessons.  She probably won't be able to get baptized here, but the least we can do is provide her the opportunity to learn about Christ's restored Gospel while she can here!

Also, Ariel finally completely dropped us!  You'd think I'd be devastated; I've known and loved her since my first day in the area.  But I actually feel peace.  I know I've done every single thing I could have with both Sister Gale and Sister Mork to help her receive the joy of this Gospel, and that's all I can do.  I've cried repentance as much as I could have.

Yesterday, there was a senior couple that gave their homecoming talks after just getting home from their mission in California.  As they spoke, you could tell they gave their whole heart, might, mind, and strength to their work... which made it all the harder to hear.  About halfway through one of their talks, it hit me like a sack of bricks that that will be me a whole lot sooner than I want or like to think about.  This past transfer went by like a bullet, and I know the next few will be the same.  My mission means everything to me.  I know I'll be able to move on with my life after I get home, but I will not be ready to be home until my feet touch New York soil.  Living and sharing the Gospel with all my time and energy is my world!  This Gospel is way too good to keep to myself!  And as I share it with others, whether they accept it or not, I feel as though I'm "swallowed up in the joy of [my] God, even to the exhausting of [my] strength," (Alma 27:17).  I love my God, I love His Gospel, and I love His children, and that's why I'm here!  But this joy isn't only limited to me!  Anyone can have it!  "This is the joy which none receiveth save it be the truly penitent and humble seeker of happiness," (Alma 27:18).  Too many people try to fill up the holes in their hearts and find artificial happiness through various means, but the real source of happiness is through God and His restored Gospel on the earth!  This is too important to ignore!!  Don't delay your own search for happiness!

I love this Gospel more than I can say, and I know it has blessed our family in infinitely many ways. I love all of you, and I invite you to seek God's word for happiness this week.

Sister Jacobson

  Pretty much a doctor.

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