Monday, April 7, 2014

Hands up if you loved General Conference!

Hey, family & friends!

Hands up if you loved General Conference.  They'd better all be raised.

Also, because I forgot to last week, shoutout to the Tuttle family singing in the women's choir for the Women's General Session!  I about spazzed my hair out!  And shoutout to the Tuttles that would have been singing there if they weren't dedicating all their hearts, minds, and strengths to serving the Lord on their missions, of course!  And while I'm shouting people out, might as well give a shoutout to all my fellow friends and servants on missions, both stateside and foreign.  Love you all!

Remember that girl Kelsey I told you about a while ago?  She didn't move to Texas, but is moving to another part of Poky, right to our zone leaders' area, in fact!  We got to see her one last time and we asked her about baptism again.  She expressed some concerns, mainly the fact that she didn't know it was right yet.  When we asked her if she had prayed about it yet, she answered that she didn't know how.  It's always such a sweet experience teaching someone how to talk with their Father in Heaven, and after we committed her to pray about everything that night, I knew she would get her answer.  "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you," (Matthew 7:7).

Great lesson with R.C. the other night!  Basically, it boils down to the fact that he needs to sincerely seek for his answer, not out of obligation to us or anyone else, and actually wanting an answer.  There's understandably some fears in finding out answers to something that will change your life, but this is the best, happiest, easiest way to live.  "The Gospel isn't weight; it's wings."

Met with Mamie again!  She also is a bit afraid of the commitment, but after telling us some of the trials she's going through, we know she'll be able to feel peace about it as she sees the wonderful fruits of the Spirit in her life by living Gospel principles and ordinances.  

Hannah's baptism is all set for this week!  Woooo!

General Conference is like the highlight of my life right now.  Besides the fact that I get to represent the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim His Gospel day in and day out.  You know, that's pretty cool.  But I noticed a theme of preparation for big things to come.  We're helping to usher in the Second Coming of Christ, and now I can taste how close it is, along with the chaos and trials that will come just before.  However, we can have peace amid the chaos.  We can have strength beneath our burdens.  The Gospel, though we may eventually be disliked for living it, will be so much more easy to live than to not.  As long as we have God on our side, we will have peace.

Watch or rewatch Elder Holland's talk.  Loved it.  Exactly what's been on my mind.

Love you!
-Sister Jacobson

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