Monday, March 17, 2014

We have people climbing out of the woodworks to hear this great message!

Hey, family & friends!

I'm just so amazed at how the Lord has blessed us in our area!  Seriously, we're so busy here!  We have people climbing out of the woodworks to hear this great message!

So, those teenage boys we met that I told you about?  We've been teaching them!  Adam, Dillon, Jaime, and Dustin, the first two being baptized, the last two are not--but they want to be!  We actually set a date with them, and the next time we went over (the next day; they really like lessons!  Or they just really like Sister Mork.... I'm pretty sure it's both.), they asked if we could move it up a week because they wanted to be baptized sooner!  Seriously, they're so much fun to be around with their energy and enthusiasm for learning about the Gospel!  They've been reading the Book of Mormon and praying together and individually every night, and I can just picture them all serving missions when they've grown a foot or two!

Also, cool story.  As we've been teaching them, their sister, Natalia, has declined sitting in on the lessons each time we invite, but she's still sat within earshot every time.  Yesterday, we came over to invite them to a fireside held by the mission, and that opened her up to some questions!  She agreed to coming, so she and Jaime and we piled up in a car with a member and went to the fireside all together!  We took them on a tour of the church building after it was done, and talked about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, the Spirit, and baptism.  She didn't accept a date yet, but she felt something, and we know she will when we go back over!  It's truly amazing how the Lord softens hearts to hear His wonderful Gospel!
Another finding miracle: we got a referral for a boy that had almost been baptized about 2 years ago, but moved just before the big day.  They moved back a little while ago, and we went over to introduce ourselves to him and his family.  As we walked to the house, we saw through their big front window that people were home, but we first went to visit with their neighbors outside.  When we returned, their blinds were drawn.  Hmmm.... But!  That boy, Greg, was just getting off the bus from school and invited us right in!  We met his mom (a reactivating member) and his dad, who is not a member, and who runs away/slams doors in the faces of missionaries!  But!  We all sat down and had a quick lesson about how the Gospel specifically applies to and will bless their lives as a family, and they ALL agreed to take the lessons this time!  Woo!
Ariel's doing well!  Really busy, so it's hard to meet up sometimes, but she's asking great questions and searching for answers!
R.C. is the same.  He didn't feel ready to come to church, but he's been working harder for his answer and opening his opinions up more than he ever has, so his wife has told us.
Hannah is doing well, but they're not sure if she can baptized on 3/29 as scheduled.  Please pray for a way for her to still be baptized on her day--we know she can!
Finally reconnected with John and Megan and Felix--still as fun as ever!  We invited them to go on a church tour this week and they accepted, as long as they get to take us on a tour of their church building!  We got permission--it'll be fun!  AND..... he also accepted a baptism date!  AAAHHH!
AND we finally saw Pat again and rescheduled his baptism date!  AAAHHH!
It's just so amazing to me that we can spend our whole lives building up who we are, and the Savior just takes a second to break that all down and build us to what we need to be.  Only He and His Atonement can truly pierce through the walls we build around our hearts to let the warmth in.

I love you all!
-Sister Jacobson

1, 2, 3.  Sister Mork is a selfie master.


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