Monday, March 10, 2014

I promise you, the blessings will come

Hey, family & friends!

This week we've learned a lot about agency!  I think everything we've done and taught this past week could link back to it.

We had a lesson with R.C. where we really were trying to discern his needs and desires.  From what we can see not only with him, but with others we're teaching also, some people are searching for answers they most likely already know, but don't want to be true.  We claim we don't have answers, yet we've had answers enough; we're just choosing not to accept them.  We know that once we accept the answer to do what's right, we'll HAVE to follow it, but we know how hard it might be.

So we wait.  We wait for "proof."  But waiting for proof before belief is like telling a dumbell to give you muscles before you pick it up.  It just doesn't work that way!  We have to work.  And then, we'll get what we want.

What we want might not be what God is prompting us to do.  We want something good, but not what's best.  If we choose to act with what we want, not what God wants, we'll be blessed with doing that thing we want to do.  Good!  But if we do what He wants us to do, we're blessed with so much more--greater happiness, peace, specific blessings to the specific action, but overall, we get the best blessings.  

Though we weren't able to get out as much this week, when we went out, we were so guided!  We were able to "run into" so many potential investigators, and our wards are increasingly inviting people to meet with us in their homes!  I feel so much love and support from so many different sources, not the least of which is my Savior.

This coming week, when you're prompted to do that which is good, know that it's from God.  Then act.  I promise you, the blessings will come, and you might not even realize just how blessed you are.

Love you all!
-Sister Jacobson

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