Monday, July 29, 2013

Bwaynos deeaz, fuhmeeleeuh!
That was Idahoan Spanish, for those who need translation.

Well, the sleepy train pulled into the station this week.  Unfortunately, I was sitting on the tracks and it pancaked me.  However, despite the brick wall of tired that hit both Sister Barnett and I this week, we were able to work as hard as ever!  And holy cow, we've seen miracles this week!

We thought this was going to be an incredibly slow week, given the exodus of BYU students for 7 weeks (and with them half our area).  So moved into another apartment complex that the other Sisters cover, so we're not teaching her anymore.  And at first it kind of was slow, but dang.  SO much happened!  

We decided that we needed to get to know the members in the South Stake a lot better, especially because we actually have time to do so now!  We decided to look at the ward directory and "tract" out the members on this one street in this one ward to get to know them, share a message, ask for referrals, etc.  We found so many less-active people, even people who aren't members!  We ended up teaching 38 lessons this week!  We also found an awesome new investigator!

Her name is Kari, and she comes from a part-member family, where the mom is the only member.  Though no one goes to church, she goes with her friend's family every week and has a solid testimony of this church!  She even gave a talk in sacrament meeting this past sunday!  She's incredible.  It's just a matter of seeing how comfortable her family is with her learning more and joining the church.  But we know that as we keep sharing spiritual thoughts and lessons and such, the family will feel the Spirit of the doctrines and hearts will soften.  The Spirit is the author of all good change.

We also started visiting this family with girl who wasn't baptized.  We're taking it slow and getting to know them more.  They're pig farmers!  Super cool.  Turns out, pigs never stop growing until the day they die.  And you can tell--some of their pigs stood up to our rib cages!  You can't really tell from the picture.  But they're monsters!!  I love Idaho!

This church is SO true!  It just isn't not.  It just IS!  I've learned for myself through prayer and listening to the Holy Ghost.  And I keep asking, and I keep getting the same answer: it's true, it's true, it's true!  We've been so blessed and cared for by our loving Heavenly Father, and I'm so happy for this opportunity to serve Him with all my time, efforts, and everything I have!  John 3:16-17.

I love you all SO much!

-Sister Jacobson

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