Monday, July 22, 2013


Hellooooo, family & friends!!

Pretty dang incredible week.

So friday night, all our plans fell through, backups and backup backups and all.  So we're on BYU-I campus, 15 minutes away from our family stake, wondering who we could see at 8:30 at night in town.  After a lot of head-scratching, Sister Barnett suggested we call up a student (who happens to be both our trainers' trainer) and ask to teach her a lesson.  She had pity on us and invited us over.  

She had two friends over, and they were both returned missionaries as well, so it was a spiritual lesson in general on overcoming trials through using the Atonement of Christ.  After the lesson, one of her friends said that she felt that Heavenly Father was blessing her through us, that she was going through a really hard time and really needed to hear that message!  It demonstrated to me just how aware Heavenly Father is of all His children.  He guided us to who really needed help at the time and guided us in what to say during the lesson, since it was all impromptu.  He loves us all so much.

Then saturday.  Oh my gosh!!   

Wele's baptism was beautiful!  So many people came to support her!  The opening song was "I Am a Child of God," and Wele started crying as we sang.  The Spirit hit us all just like a sack of bricks!  It truly bore testimony to me that yes, we are all children of God, and He has sent us here.  It was so amazing to see a dear sister of mine take that step into the waters of baptism.  We saw her last night and she said she just felt so relaxed, so good.  The gift of the Holy Ghost is so wonderful.

Katherine's baptism was just as beautiful!  Again, lots of people showed their love and support for her there.  She looked absolutely beautiful, before and after, and she's such an amazing example to me!  They both are!  I feel like in "teaching," them, I didn't do a dang thing!  They taught me so much more than I could ever teach anyone.  I'm so grateful we were so blessed to get to know these two wonderful young women and their friends!

Things are changing here!  BYU-I's letting out for 7 weeks.  Luckily, Wele and So are staying, but everyone else is splitsville.  But we have a lot of great things going for us in our family stake!  

I'm about out of time, but Brad Wilcox's "His Grace is Sufficient" has cropped up several times this week in lessons, thoughts, studies, etc.  Give it a read (or another read).  It's amazing.

I love you all so much!

Oh, and the first picture is with Shalese Cordon.  Who knew?!


Sister Jacobson

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