Monday, July 8, 2013

Week of Miracles

Hey, family and friends!  I love you!


Skyler's getting baptized this weekend!  Wele's getting baptized next weekend!  So recognized the Spirit, Levi's grandpa went to all three hours church despite a bad back injury and participated in Sunday school, one of the less-actives we teach on campus wants to serve a mission, I got to see Manuel on my exchange in Driggs (!) and fully commit him to live the Word of Wisdom and then I got to see Julio at a fireside in Idaho Falls (and Teva there as well!), John recognized that he might need something more in his life, we got an all-day P-day on July 4th (which was super fun), and things are just great here!

In Mission Leadership Council, we talked a lot about not just setting good goals, but actually achieving them.  We've been trying our best to make that happen before, but that just inspired us to redouble our efforts!  We're seeing amazing things happening as a result!  Faith is not just belief, but putting that belief into action.  

Sister Barnett and I may or may not have had a wrestling match last night.  She's awesome!  We're having so much fun, and she's such an amazing example of hard work and perseverance!  

Sister Zhang, the Chinese Sister I got to go on exchanges with this week, told an awesome joke:
Why is the ocean blue?  Because all the fish go "bloobloobloobloobloo!"  She's in the first picture and the Driggs Spanish trio is in the second!

I love my job.  This Gospel makes me happy, and sharing it makes me even happier, because it makes others happy.  And this is true, lasting happiness.  Happiness that will never depart, despite trials and afflictions.  I know my Heavenly Father loves me, and I know He loves all His children enough to provide the path to live with Him again right here, right now.

I love you all!
-Sister Jacobson

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