Monday, June 24, 2013

Reunited with MTC Companion

Hey, family & friends

So remember that one time I served with this awesome Sister in the MTC?  Remember how I served with the other Sister from my MTC district that came out with us?

Guess who my new companion is.  Yeah, my MTC companion.  Sister Barnett!!!

She was in Pocatello, training after 3 months, tearing it up in the once-slowest area of the mission.  Now her trainee is training at 8 weeks.  So if that doesn't say anything about the two of them, I'll say more: she's AWESOME!!!  We're getting work done in da Burg!

We got 4 new investigators in 3 days!!  Two are sisters, Sydney and Sarah, and they're super cute!  They both want to get baptized--it's just a matter if their dad thinks they're ready to make that decision (which we know they are; they're great!)  Their parents reactivated about a year ago, and they're just awesome!

Another is a little girl named Levi!  She lives with her grandparents, who haven't been back to church for years.  We've gone over to their house a few times before when Levi wasn't around and got to know Ace and Susan (her grandparents), so we already had a pretty good report with them when we dropped by again to meet Levi.  We talked about baptism and the Restoration, and Levi really wants to be baptized!  Then Ace mentioned that if she wants to get baptized, it needs to be a family effort and they need to get back to church.  (!!!)  So they came to church yesterday!!  Several people went over to Ace and Susan and were super excited to see them back.  It was really a heart-warming experience.
We also had someone set up an appointment with a nonmember on campus!  His name is Jake and he's married to a member.  He already has strong faith in Christ and loves the standards of the Church, but doesn't feel the same connection with the Book of Mormon as he does with the Bible.  However, he said he would be very happy to find out if this is true.

We also had wonderful lessons with So, Wele, and Katherine!  We talked to So about accepting small answers from the Spirit, and talked about taking courage with Wele, with whom we set another baptismal date after addressing her concerns about it!  It's going to happen!!  Katherine has been prepared so much, especially in the past week and a half since we've seen her.  She told us she looks at people studying the Book of Mormon and paying tithing and can see herself doing all those things, but then doubts creep in, especially about her family.  The lesson basically ended up with us helping her realize she already knows what she needs and wants to do, it's just a matter of how her family will react.  We know, though, that things will all work out.  Even though they probably won't be easy, they will work out.

Heck, I've seen that SO many times in my life, especially on my mission.  It's been pretty hard at times.  But Heavenly Father blesses you so much during and after your trials!  Sister Barnett and I were able to teach 24 lessons this week, half of those with members present (which is a very good thing), and we're planning on teaching even more this week!  It's been exhausting, but oh how I love it!  

Also, Sister Barnett and I may or may not whip each other with dish towels.  And tackle each other.  And hit each other.  And scare each other.  ....But we really do love each other, I promise!

Also, talk about a great worldwide broadcast.  Mm mm good.

This week, read Elder Neal A. Maxwell's talk "Notwithstanding my Weakness."  And your scriptures.  DAILY.

I know this work is good.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that God is my loving Heavenly Father, and those things keep me going!  I know that if we are faithful through trials, we will be blessed with comfort and strength, and I know that through Christ's Atonement, we can not only be cleansed from sin, but we can have someone by our side, guiding us through our lives.  

I love you all so much!  Thank you for all your support and prayers!  Know that I pray for you all daily!

Love, Sister Jacobson

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