Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey, family & friends!

I'll be honest, this was still a hard, week, but I didn't let myself feel discouraged!  This week, we stayed in a lot.  Sister Rye's stomach is the worst it's ever been, and it's so hard to watch her go through these trials, especially when there's basically nothing I can do to help.  As cliche as it sounds, one of my biggest trials is others' trials.  However, despite being incapacitated for about half the week, we still managed to teach 17 lessons, about 5 fewer than we normally teach!  Woo!!  She's such a trooper.  It's amazing how strong she is!

However, that left us with a lot of empty time in our little house.  I'll attach a picture log describing my time indoors.

On saturday, we taught some great lessons!  The most intense by far was with Wele!

She's still feeling something holding her back from being baptized.  We called some of her friends to come over and give her a priesthood blessing, in which we heard that she needs to be baptized and her family won't hate or disown her, but will love and support her in this decision.  (Talk about specific!)  We resolved some other concerns of hers, and she said she would go through with the baptism this saturday!  When we promised blessings, things just came out of my mouth.  It was one of a handful of experiences on my mission so far where I felt like an almost literal mouthpiece for the Lord.  I felt like that during a few or our lessons this week, interestingly enough.  I feel like the trials we're going through at the very least are humbling me and drawing me closer to the Spirit.  I feel like a more useful instrument in His hands after these two weeks.  

But then we got a text this morning saying that she still feels like there's something holding her back.  The baptism is off.  BUT!  She's close enough to the Spirit that she can listen to promptings and answers from Heavenly Father.  That's something truly admirable!  It'll be sad this weekend, but she's amazing.  It will all work out eventually.
I feel like there's a theme.  Go watch "The Will of God" Mormon Message by D. Todd Christoffersen.  Love it! 

I love you all so much.  Thank you for your support, love, and prayers.  I'm realizing more and more the cavernous depths of love I feel for you my family as well as my friends.  Have an amazing week!  Read your scriptures, say your prayers, stay close to the Savior!  He will support you through anything.  He knows EXACTLY what you're going through because He's gone through it before.

All my love, 

Sister jacobson

1.Cards with my new best friend. We'll call him blue.
2."The Testaments"!  The closest thing to a chick flick we can see on the mission.  (Also with my new best friend.) See photo at top of page
3. Saturday's the last day of bear hunting season.  Gotta get my fix in while I still can!
4. I got really good at mopping.
5. Too much feasting on the word.


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