Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Hey, family!  

First off, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD!!!!  Thank you for being the best father a Sister could ask for.  I've loved all the grilling dates, biking dates, sushi dates, and any other outings we got to go on.  Thank you for teaching me to walk in the light through example and word.  Love you! 
So, a lot happened this week....  Sister Rye's going home!  Her stomach problems just got too bad, so she's going home some time this week.  We're so sad, but we're at peace.  It's what needs to happen so she can get better, poor thing!  We're not sure right now what's happening as far as another companion or our area goes.... guess you'll have to find out next week!
Miracle this week: this girl name Katherine at BYU-I texted us early this week and asked if she could meet with us.  She's not a member.  She's an incredible girl with a Catholic background, and had investigated the Church a little at home, but her parents didn't want her to.  So she wants to take it slow, to make sure this is really for her and that she's doing it for the right reasons, but she's amazing. So excited to meet with her more!
Also, we again taught 17 lessons while staying in for a while.  No big deal.  Sister Rye is so awesome!  And, to be honest, we had a lot of fun this week.  We got lots of work done, and even when we had to stay in, we just made the most of it!  The Lord definitely strengthened us through our trials, and our wonderful zone and district leaders, as well as the other missionaries in our district, supported us so much.  I'm so blessed to work with such amazing Elders and Sisters!
Wele and So are doing well!  Working hard to gain their own testimonies of the Book of Mormon.  
That's kind of it!  This week Sister Rye and I felt so much strength given to us from our Heavenly Father, and we talked about how thankful we are for the trials in our lives.  He is aware of all we go through, and He WILL strengthen us when we ask for strength.
Pics:  1.  A member in our stake went hunting in South Africa once.  They brought this back.
2. We saw this on BYU-I campus.  #wut2nob4ugo  (please never use hashtags ever.)
3.  Same potato field we preached in at the beginning of last transfer.  Turns out it's grain!  I was trying to go for the Julie Andrews "Sound of Music" poster look.  Close... 

I know this is the true Gospel.  I know the Book of Mormon is true.  It's the reason I volunteered for 18 crazy months out of my life!  It's changed me, and I know it can change you if you let it. 
I love you all so much!!
Sister Jacobson

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