Monday, May 6, 2013

Katie's birthday is this Saturday May 11th! If anyone wants to send her a birthday card, her address is on the sidebar to your right!

Dear family & friends,
So many great things happening here!  First off, Sister Rye is SO awesome and we're having SO much fun together!  Lately, she's been super nauseous all day, every day, and the doctors have a few theories of what's wrong with her stomach.  Yet, she KEEPS WORKING anyway!  What a champion!  We went to the doctor earlier today and she got to eat some radioactive eggs.  Hopefully they'll be able to see for sure what's going on so she doesn't have to put up much longer.  Hate seeing her have to struggle with that.

I feel like there's been a theme this week of trying to strengthen others, especially missionaries.  As Sister Training Leaders, we've been able to listen to some of our Sisters' problems and counsel them the best we can.  It's really such a blessing to be put in a position of helping others through their problems and concerns.  Forgetting yourself and worrying about others is one of the most rewarding and things we can do as brothers and sisters.  I just hope I can be a mouthpiece for the comfort and advice God wants to give them.
Also, we're going on two companion exchanges this week and two next week.  Aw yeah.

Right now, we're actively teaching three investigators on BYU-I campus and one in our family stake.  At BYU, we have Welecele, from Tanzania, So, from South Korea, and Celene, from California.  They're all so cute!  They're about our age, which is definitely a change.  They all have wonderful personalities, and they all have some obstacles standing in the way of their receiving the Gospel into their lives.  Welecele already has so much faith in the Church and wants to be baptized so badly, but her mom doesn't want her to, so she doesn't feel like now is the right time.  Celene is Catholic and doesn't want to leave that behind, but also loves the Church.  So wants to believe, and is trying hard to receive and answer and increase her faith.  We were also approached this week by a girl named Julie on campus who has been a Mormon her whole life, but has lots of doubts and questions.  She is a SWEETHEART and we've already been able to teach her twice!  She's doing everything she can to regain and strengthen her testimony, and she's so solid!

On the home front, we're teaching an almost 12 year-old girl named Kamryn.  Super cute!  She was able to make it out to church this sunday as well!  She and her parents want her to be baptized; it's just a matter of matching up her parents' and family's schedules for when the baptism happens.  We also teach and serve a lot of less-active members here.  It's all inviting others to come unto Christ, no matter if they're members or not.  Woo!

There are also these two hispanic men, Julio and Manuel, that have been going to church on campus (though they aren't students) for a while now and want to meet with us and learn more we were able to meet a few days ago!  I'll tell you more about them next week.  They're SO cool!

I know that this is Christ's church on the earth again.  I know that if we apply Christ's Atonement to our lives as fully as we can (through faith, repentance, baptism by priesthood authority, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end), we can purify and sanctify ourselves, fitting us for the Kingdom.  The Atonement is a free gift.  All we have to do is accept it. The Holy Ghost can testify of truths and comfort us.  All we have to do is let ourselves feel His influence.  Seeking for truth requires not just your mind, but your heart as well, cheesy as that sounds.

I love you all soooo much!  I'm excited to skype/google chat this sunday!!  Read Mosiah 4:9.  We've used that a lot this past week.

All my love, 

Sister Jacobson

P.s. Remember Cody, with cerebral palsy?  He's getting baptized this saturday, and we get to go down and see it!  AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (What a great birthday that will be for her!)

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