Monday, May 20, 2013

 Hello, family & friends!!

So I went on two Spanish exchanges this week.  I'm basically fluent.  Esta bien.    

Also, on the second exchange, a Mexican man told me "You don't know me!  You don't know how I pray!"  ....But we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it that night!  Woo!  Oh, and one of my Spanish companions totally jacked this guy's pack of cigarettes.  As we were walking away, we all of a sudden heard "LOS CIGARROS!!"  So we walked faster.  

And you asked about Sister Rye.  She and I were the first 19 year-old Sisters here, she's from New Mexico, and she's REALLY good at nerf wars!  Haha we're having a lot of fun and success together!

This week, we set another baptismal date!!  Woooo!!!  It was with Manuel, Julio's friend.  They both recognize the Holy Ghost testifying to them during our lessons, and they both have a strong desire to know this is the true church.  They're gaining that witness from the Holy Ghost as they read the Book of Mormon and keep praying about it; they feel really good about it!  Ah!  They're just so solid!!

Welecele is fantastic!  She's pressing forward with faith, and one of the Sisters and the Visitors' Center is emailing her mom to try to let her know what this church actually is (aka not a cult).  I know as Welecele keeps working towards her baptism and as we have faith that her mom will soften her heart by the date of the baptism, everything will work out.

So..... well, So's not sure if she wants to really know this is true.  Pray for her to have that desire--she's such a sweetheart, and we know this is the true path to happiness for her!  (And everyone!)

We're still waiting for Kamryn's parents to work out a day that will work for her to be baptized!  She's so cute.  She really wants to do this.

Oh, last week, we had to drop Celene.  It was heartbreaking, but we asked her why she kept having us come over if she didn't want to progress.  She eventually told us it was because she liked having us over.  We restated our purpose as missionaries, and that it isn't to hang out, so although we didn't want to, we just couldn't keep coming back.  Miss her like crazy.

People have been giving us so many more referrals this week than we ever have been getting!  Our family stake is starting to catch on fire.  Luckily, it's the Spirit of God like a fire is burning, not a fire is burning like the Spirit of God.

Oh!  We got to go on a Sisters' temple trip this week!!  All the Sisters in the mission went to the Idaho Falls temple this past thursday.  Not only was it fun to see all the Sisters I've gotten to know and love, but what an amazing sight to see so many strong, faithful Sister missionaries, ready to work their very hardest for the salvation of so many.  It certainly is even more of a motivation to me to WORK, seeing the amazing examples around me.

So, for this week, read 2 Nephi 4.  One of my favorite chapters.  It lays out a good pattern for how to get yourself out of a rut, especially when you're getting down on yourself.

I know this Gospel is true.  It can make you happier than anything else on the planet.  I know families can be together forever through this Gospel, and I'm so grateful for that.  I love you all SO much!!

Love, Sister Jacobson
P.s. pics:

1.  One of our exchanges
2.  Sister Rye and me at the Idaho Falls temple
3 . Pocatello Idaho Sister Missionaries at
         Idaho Falls Temple
4.  Sister Rye and me with Sister Brinkerhoff,
the mission president's wife.         WE. LOVE. HER

                                                                                    5.  I'm a master photographer. Come at me.


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