Monday, May 27, 2013

Service in skirts!

Hey, family & friends!

You asked about transfers...  We're both staying!  We'll be here at least until mid-July.

This week was nuts!  We taught seven lessons on Friday!  
Manuel was in town early from work and wanted to see us, so we walked around the park and talked.  We told him about the 10 Commandments and the Word or Wisdom. When we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy (4th commandment), he said, "Oh, sometimes I work on Sundays.... from now on, Sundays and Fridays will be my down days!"  Just up and decided!  Oh my gosh!  He and Julio are so amazing!

All our lessons that day were amazing, but fast forward to the last one.  So.  She's scheduled to be baptized this Saturday, but she still doesn't know if she knows this is true or not.  We KNOW she knows more than she thinks she does!  We know she can be ready, and we've prayed to know that she can be ready this Saturday!  She's nervous about letting people down if she doesn't get baptized, but we assured her we will love her no matter what her decision is.  On Friday, our Zone Leaders came and gave her a priesthood blessing.  It was perfect!  The Spirit was super strong, and the blessing was just what she needed to hear.  We're going to press forward in faith, knowing that if she reads and prays every day, she will get an answer.  It may not be now, but she will get an answer!

And then yesterday all our lessons fell through.  But hey, that's mission life!  

Wele is amazing.  She has a stronger testimony of the Gospel than a lot of baptized members!  It's just a matter of the Visitor Center Sisters being able to catch her mom when she's home to give her a call, now!

Pics: 1. We ended up mowing a potential investigator's lawn!  She ended up not being interested, but she's super cool and we got to do service anyway!  And yeah, we did it in skirts.         We go hardcore.

2. My shoes after mowing.  

3. We got to serve a guy named Snuffy in our area at his Horse Rescue.  We got a bunch of other missionaries to help us!  I got to brush a bunch of horses.  They love me.  Basically best friends with them; no big deal.

I know this Church is the one true church on the earth today.  I know that it is Christ's church on the earth again, restored through Joseph Smith, and that the one surefire way to know that is by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know it's true.  And I testify that it is true.  
I love you all so much!  Don't get in too much trouble; save that for when I get home ;)  
                           Love, Sister Jacobson

*Cody got baptized! Katie started teaching him in Idaho Falls. See April 15th letter to read her description of meeting him and the surrrounding events.

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