Monday, May 5, 2014

Li Hing Mui Party!

Hey family & friends!

This has been one of the strangest weeks of my mission!  Unfortunately, Sister Mork's health has called her home after a valiant effort.  Since then, I've been with Sister Faagai (pronounced "fa-ah-NGA-ee"), whose companion got her visa to Brazil (Sister Riding, my mission sister) a few days before.  So we're serving both in my area and in Highland!  It's been so fun! 

She had a baptism of this Samoan family this weekend, and afterwards they had this huge poly-style luncheon, complete with a bunch of small Samoan boys doing the haka.  I've never wanted to be Polynesian more than these past few days in my whole LIFE.

So transfer info: I'm leaving and whitewashing (usually only one missionary of a companionship is transferred at a time for continuity of the area. Occasionally both missionaries are transferred at the same time. This is often referred to as whitewashing an area.) into a young single adult area around Idaho State University, so I'll still be in Pocatello!  I'll be with Sister Frederick, who I met at a leadership meeting this weekend (and she's fantastic!  I'm so excited!), and they'll
 be converting that area into a Sister Training Leader area.  I am SO excited for these next few months!

Overall, this week has been full of heartaches, miracles, goodbyes, hellos, and li hing mui parties at quarter after 10:00.(We had this in Hawaii. It's a powder you put on fresh fruit and it makes the flavor pop!)  It's been exhausting, and it's been a blast.  I've really seen God's hand in sustaining not only me, but those I love as well.  He truly knows us--better than we know ourselves--and He loves us.  Never doubt that!  He loves you!  Way more than you or I deserve, most of the time, but nevertheless, He does.

And I love you all, too!
-Sister Jacobson                                 

     Sister party on the way to mission leadership council!
Sisters in Pocatello Central District

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