Monday, May 19, 2014

Get Those Feet Wet!

Hey, family & friends!
This week has been a blast!  Now that we finally have at least a foundational grasp on our area, we've been able to hit the ground running this week!  We've done a ton of contacting this week, but we've still been able to teach a ton of lessons!  Most of them were on the doorstep--we teach people without them knowing that we're teaching them until we've taught pretty much the whole message of the Restoration.  And it works!  So many people have felt the Spirit and said that we could come back!

We have some solid new and potential investigators!  One is named Caleb.  He's a man of science, and he's a roommate with a solid member of the Church.  He's asked a bunch of questions, and we were able to get him to a missionary/investigator fireside last night where he agreed to learn more!  There's also Duel, a young man we met across the street from us as we were getting home one night.  We ran over to him, and it turns out he doesn't even live there, but he has a best friend that just got home from a mission.  He said we could come by and teach him!  We went by yesterday, and though he wasn't there, his roommate Travis was, and he also said we could teach him!  We're dropping by today to teach them, and we feel a ton of potential there!  People have been popping out of nowhere to be taught!  It also helps that one of our ward mission leaders has been setting up a bunch of lessons for us, too!  With our combined efforts, this campus will be translated in no time.

I want to tell you about my awesome personal study this morning!  I'm reading where the Brother of Jared and his people are beginning to travel to the promised land, and I started to compare their journey to the people of Lehi's.  The Jaredites have God in a cloud leading them the whole way to the sea; the Lehites have a compass.  The Jaredites build "vessels;" the Lehites a sailboat.  Though both journeys are divinely guided and lead to the same place, the way they got there was completely different.  So it is with all our personal conversions to the Gospel.  Some may need a compass, while others may need God standing in a cloud to guide them.  Some build ships, some build vessels, some part the sea, and some (well, One) walk over it.  But the destination is the same.  We are all trying to make it to our Promised Land--the Kingdom of God.  Though God may lead us in different ways, we eventually will need to come to our own testimonies of Christ's Gospel, and then we'll need to act.

He leads us to the sea.  We can't see the other side.  It might seem scary, inconvenient, hard, whatever.  We might feel like He's led us to a good enough place on the seashore, where we can relax on the beach.  But "the Lord would not suffer that they should stop beyond the sea in the wilderness, but he would that they should come forth even unto the land of promise, which was choice above all other lands, which the Lord God had preserved for a righteous people," (Ether 2:7).  

He's not going to stop until you're across that ocean, in a way better place than we can imagine or see for ourselves.  It might be a rugged voyage, but where's the fun in staying still? And the Celestial Kingdom is sooo much better than the beach!  We just need to take that step of faith into the water.

I love you all, and I want you to take that step into the sea.  He can't guide you unless you're willing to move.  Get those feet wet!

Sister Jacobson
                             They had a mission wide temple trip to the Idaho Falls Temple for all the sisters serving. Katie is in the back row, on the left about 1/4 of the way in! The group shot includes her current companion Sister Frederick on the left and Sister McKnight, a former companion on far right! I think I read there are 95 sisters serving there!


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