Monday, May 12, 2014

It's great to know we're in a position to help!

Hey family & friends!

Seems like we JUST talked!  Oh, wait.... (ha.)

So you got most of the lowdown, but for those that didn't get the opportunity to Skype yesterday


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This area is so awesome!  We don't have any investigators right now because of the transition to summer classes at ISU, but there is sooooo much potential with our area!  We have a ward mission leader in one of our wards that actually sets up lessons for us!  Seriously, such a tender mercy.  Sister Fredrick is amazing, too!  She's been out 6 months, (and trained just after she was done training), is from Alabama, and her hardworking, fun personality is as bright as her pretty blue eyes.  We're going to WORK these next few months!

We tracted an apartment complex the other night, and an old man answered the door (student housing?  Guess not...), and proceeded to tell us about how he had been hit in the head with a meteor years prior in an astronomy room and could then read thoughts, so he infiltrated the FBI, took down the Berlin Wall, and pulled the troops out of Iraq all in 45 minutes.  Man... I totally had my facts all wrong.

 Being a sister training leader again is pretty fun!  We have a sister who was struggling a bit with the transition, but we were able to help her out--she's doing great now!  It's really a tender mercy this position was created, not just for the sisters we serve, but for us, too!  I don't feel like I'm more or less important in this position, just doing some different work than before!  It's great to get to know more sisters, and it's great to know that we're in a position to help, but we're all working for the same God doing the same work--inviting souls to come unto Christ.

I love all of you!  Sorry for the short email--I'll most likely have more things to say next week!
-Sister Jacobson

1. The sisters before us had a baptism already set up!  This is Harley, one of the most solid converts you'll ever meet.
2. No, President, we weren't climbing on anyone's roof...

3. Hint taken.  We just left a card there instead :) 
Katie Skyping with her brother Cameron!
Another picture while Skyping with Mom and Dad. We didn't remind her other brothers to get a screen shot until it was too late!

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  1. You guys are the best missionary family! She looks beautiful and I love that she's in my home town!
    Sister Smith (aka anna dunn)