Monday, August 26, 2013

Another 6 weeks in Rexburg!

Hi family & friends!

I got transferred!!  I've been sent to Rexburg and my companion is Sister Barnett!  ....:)
Yeah, I'm staying.  Another six weeks!  I love it here, and I love the fact that I'll also be here for when the BYU-I students come back!  It's like the Prodigal Son story, except the students probably weren't wasting away their inheritances in wickedness, and there are about 15,000 instead of one.  But close, or something.
So this week, we found some new investigators!  They've all been taught before, but they're new to us.  The first is Kelton, a 10 year-old gentleman.  We've talked to him, his sister, and his dad all briefly and separately before, too.  His dad has to work really long hours, including a lot of sundays, so he hasn't taken his kids to church, and he didn't get around to having his son baptized.  However, he still has a testimony of the Church, and he would love to see Kelton be baptized.  We can't really coordinate schedules with all of them since they're so busy, so we've met with Kelton and his sister, and we update their dad via text on his progress.  The only reason Kelton stopped taking lessons last year he said was because the missionaries went over every day and it was too much for him.  Soooo... we're not meeting every day with him!  Solid.
We also started teaching this 16 year-old girl named Logan.  She lives with her grandparents who are super active in the Church, but they want her to read the Book of Mormon all the way through to increase her comprehension of it before she gets baptized.  She's already in 3 Nephi!  We offered to come over and help her read, discuss, etc. and even play some Book of Mormon story games we have.*  They invited us back for dinner and a lesson this week!  Es bueno.
Sarah and Sydney are awesome.  They're dad apparently has been softening up to the church (he had some bad experiences growing up with it), and it sounds like he wants to be the one to baptize them!  Only a matter of time.  They're so fun!  And they have kittens that we like to play with whenever we go over.  Sweet.
Jake is still awesome.  They fed us apple pie after our lesson this week!  Deliciously spiritual. 
We also had an awesome lessons with Hallie this week!  If I haven't told you about Hallie, let me know, but I don't have a lot of time left....  But she already knows it's all true.  We just have to bide our time as her stepdad softens up to the idea   She's super fun and cute.  Love her!
This week I've learned more about humility.  As we get wrapped up in ourselves, we lose sight of what we have and what we can be.  We're just instruments; God is the musician.

Read the Book of Mormon!

Love you all!
-Sister Jacobson

P.s. pictures next week.

*Shameless plug: card game called "Warriors of the Promised Land."  Our zone leaders introduced it to us and we're hooked.

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