Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello, family & friends!!
First item of business: it's Sister Barnett's birthday!!  Everybody sing!  1, 2, 3.......... good job!  I only had one balloon left from Danielle's birthday package, but it fulfilled the measure of its creation today.  That solitary balloon is inspirational.

This week was pretty much the same--lots of lessons, lots of miracles, lots of teaching, lots of love, lots of Spirit.... you know.  Amazing.  For example, two students called us with referrals of people they know that want to meet with missionaries.  And school hasn't even started back up, yet!  We're waiting to hear back from the people again with more details, but we're super excited!

Our investigators are all doing really well!  Yesterday, Logan got up and bore a simple, sweet testimony during testimony meeting!  How awesome is that??

I'd love to jump into details, but I'm short on time again.  Suffice it to say that Sarah and Sydney are loving the Gospel as much as ever, along with Kari and Hallie.  Kelton is way fun and we're hopefully going to talk about baptism with him this next lesson.  We're finding more people to teach and establishing good relationships with those we want to begin teaching.  The Lord has put us in the path of so many people we know already and didn't know before that we've been able to help, and the Spirit is working in the hearts and minds of God's children in this area.  Our ward members are very supportive, I have an awesome companion, and I love this place.  I just love my mission!  It's the best of my life.  Just so you know, I'm extending for an extra 5 years.  That ok?  Ok, thanks!

I love this Gospel.  Living it is the way to experience true joy.  That has manifested itself again and again over the course of my life and mission, especially this past week!

I love you all and pray for you daily!


Sister Jacobson

Sister Trainers with Zone

With "Mission Mom"


It's always fun to see what Katie and her companion are wearing. This outfit that Sister Barnett is wearing is completely Katies! Katie's dress in the district photo is Sister Barnetts!

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