Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Awsome Week!

 Dear family and friends,

We had another awesome week!  Highlights:

Kamryn got baptized!!!!
 Hurray!!!  What's even cooler is the miracle of the baptism itself.  Our ward mission leader had been trying to fill the font for a few hours before, but something was wrong with the plug and it was filling super slowly.  When it came time for the baptism, the water was up to the bishop's knees (who was performing the ordinance).  And the bishop of her ward is not a tall guy.  So after the prayer, he had Kamryn sit down in the water and laid her flat on the font floor, and stood her up.  She went all under the first time!  There was JUST enough water to immerse her completely.  Coincidence?  No creo!

Her dad also gave one of the most tender talks at her baptism that I've ever heard.  Through his words, it was apparent how much his family and the Gospel mean to him.  Sister Barnett later talked about how part of the reason we loved going over to teach Kamryn was seeing how much fun and how much love they have in their family.  They're so tight-knit, and that just manifested itself again when Kamryn's dad gave the talk.  And it was so great to see how much he knew that getting baptized was such an important step for her.  He bore sweet testimony of that.

Jake's awesome.  He and Amanda and the couple we teach them with are SO much fun!  It's a spiritual party and a half whenever we go over.  And they're making apple pie next time we come over.  No big deal.

We found a new investigator!  Her name is Maria, and she has the funnest laugh ever!  Her husband is a less-active member, but you can tell he has a great testimony still.  It's going to be fun going over!  Lots of potential there.

A less-active Sister Rye and I were working with for awhile, Janet, then kind of lost contact with, then Sister Barnett and I finally got back in contact with came to church on sunday!!  It was so great to see her there!  She and her husband are way fun.  She said she was glad she came and later said that the first time is the worst, so I take the mixture of those to mean that she's going to keep coming back!  Hurraayyy!!!  It's so amazing to see the change that the Spirit brings about in people's lives.  Time and time again, He touches hearts and changes nature to want to be more like Christ and come closer to Him.  LOVE that!

This Gospel is true.  The Spirit that brings about that change is the same Spirit that has borne witness to me countless times that this is true.  Call me crazy, and that's probably true, but I know what I know, and I know this is more true than my lunacy.  

I love you all, but more than that, Heavenly Father loves you all.  And that's infinitely more important than what I can give you.

Sister Jacobson                         
Exchanges and multi zone service at a triathalon. We had to be there at 6am which meant waking up at 5:30 (which feels like DEATH) However, it was super fun!
Take 2 of above picture, not blurry but silly instead!

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