Monday, June 23, 2014

Floodgate of Miracles

Hey, family & friends!

You know those moments where you feel like a floodgate of miracles is opening?

Karen and Elizabeth are roommates of a member here.  We taught them a lesson and they want to continue learning!

Cody is on the ISU football team.  Taught him a lesson.  He wants to continue.

We were doing laps around the Institute again and found a guy named Marcelo.  Challenged him to fuesball, and he accepted.  And he lost :)  We took him on an impromptu tour of the building, and he told us in the chapel that when he was walking home, he was stressed out thinking about a ton of things, but he felt way calmer after talking to us--aka he was feeling the Spirit mad hard.  He wants to continue meeting with us!

This girl named Lexi is friends with a member here.  When she asked her pastor a question and he told her to Google it, she turned to said friend, Delaney.  She had the answer right off the bat, and they kept talking about the Gospel.  Delaney invited her to church and to meet with us, and she did both.  She already knows it's true, and she wants to get baptized!

THEN there's Kevin, who I might have told you about, but his church closed for the summer, so his roommate invited him to church with him.  He came to all 3 hours, and asked us afterwards if we could have a lesson.  We did, and he also wants to get baptized!  

Balvina's doing great, Austin's doing great, and Caleb decided he doesn't want to take lessons anymore, but is going to read the Book of Mormon on his own and still come to church things every once in a while.  

God loves us so much.  I can't even tell you how blessed I feel!  Alma 26:16!  He gives us so much in return for so little!  He asks us to do things that make us happy, and He blesses us in return with more happiness!  The work is truly hastening--so many hearts are prepared for this message, and the only need an invitation to find it!  

I don't have much time, but my gosh.  I hope your weeks are going as well as ours!  We're off to go watch Sister Fredrick play our mission president in ping-pong, no big deal.

Sister Jacobson

1. Making tortillas like a Mexican mom.
2. Baseball activity!  Those few years of playing way back when are NOT coming back to me...

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