Monday, December 16, 2013

Surprize Transfer!

Hey, family & friends!
I'm going to start off with some surprising news we got on friday.  I'm getting transferred tomorrow night!  I'm going to another part of Pocatello, and I'll be with Sister Gale, who is sweet and hilarious.  Because of Christmas and New Years', departing missionaries are leaving tomorrow, but new missionaries won't arrive until January 1st.  That means that there needs to be a preliminary mini transfer, if you will, which I'm part of.  She's currently in a trio with a departing missionary and Sister Riding, my mission sister)and Visa waiter to Brazil who will be taking my place!,(a mission sister is a missionary who was trained by the same missionary trainer, in this case Sister Kuhns, a Visa waiter is a missionary who is serving state side while they are waiting for their Visa to arrive to their assigned mission destination, usually Brazil!)   Fun facts:
-Sister Riding and Sister McKnight grew up in Texas together and are good friends
-I'll finally know what it's like to have a Sister Training Leader
-Sister McKnight and Sister Riding will be my Sister Training Leaders
-My new area is super sketchy.  I've been on exchanges there, and it's so fun!
- I'm excited!  Sister Gale's super great, and we're going to get WORK done in the area!
-So I don't know skype plans now.... but there are a few people they know we could do it at and we'll get you in contact ASAP!  Promise!
Kenzie got baptized!!  It was one of the most Spirit-filled baptisms I've ever been to.  The talks and the musical numbers were so tender, and her family, who once was completely against her joining the Church, was in attendance, supporting her decision.  She squeaked a "woohoo!" out after coming up out of the water.  She's so dang cute!  It's really been a pleasure and honor working with her. 
We got Bible bashed this week!  We got a referral for this really sweet couple, and they're willing to listen.... as they tell us we're wrong.  But we're going to go back, share our unique message of the Restoration, and feel the Spirit.  That's all we really can do--open the environment up to the Holy Ghost so others can feel the truth of our message.
Mission Leadership Coucil was amazing.  We set a vision for what we want to have happen as a mission in 2014.  The excitement in the room was palpable, and it was very inspiring.  It was right after the Sister Training Leaders meeting that President Brinkerhoff pulled me aside and told me the news. 
This transfer has helped me grow a lot.  I've absolutely loved being with Siter McKnight, being in the Highland stake, and our new North Zone.  I'll admit, I was pretty bummed to hear that I was leaving a week before Christmas.  But you know, Christmas is the same, wherever I'll go.  I'm excited for new lessons, new people, new growth, new everything.  Where the Lord leads, I'll gladly follow.  
...And Sister McKnight may or may not have opened all of the 12 days of Christmas presents you sent.  I mean, they WERE addressed to the two of us.... Sorry!
I sure love you all!  Keep faith in the face of change.  Change is why we're here!  Change is the Atonement in action.
Sister Jacobson
1.  Kenzie's baptism!
2.  Snow picture!

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