Monday, December 9, 2013

Preachin' to Santa!

Hey, family & friends!

We got snow this week!  Wooooo!!!  Winter is finally here!  Everyone says it's colder than it normally gets here, but it really doesn't feel that bad.  Idaho's got nothin' on humid, bone-chilling New York cold.  But yes, I'm wearing my big coat, boots, and fleece-lined tights, don't worry.  And we're making the most of our hot chocolate maker.  And our car.  Going on exchanges in a walking area helps you appreciate things like motorized transportation with a heater.

This week we've been spending a lot of time finding more people to teach, and we were able to get into some houses finally that we haven't been able to in months!  We've been trying to see this woman named Venus and her family, and we finally got in to see them (side note: we are not above using the bathroom as an excuse to talk to people in their homes).  There are a lot of others with a lot of potential, so stay tuned for coming miracles!
We had zone conference on tuesday and I got to sing with my only living mission sister (aka she was trained by Sister Kuhns)!  It was super fun.  There was a talent show and a music program (which we sang in) after all the trainings from President and the assistants to the President.  And guess who the special speaker in the middle of the music program was.  None other than Wilber! He was amazing, as always.  We also got to witness him receive the priesthood yesterday.  I could not wipe the grin off my face either time we saw him!  It's so wonderful how tightly he's embraced the Gospel in his life.  As he said during his zone conference testimony, "[He's] in the Church now, and [he's] in it forever."

We had a great meeting with Kenzie about her baptism plans.  We're going to roll out a red carpet, have a fog machine, and she'll strut down in her baptism jumpsuit with her friend breakdancing behind her as she jackknifes into the font.  No, really.

How about that Christmas broadcast?  That little kid was winking at me.  Too bad I'm in a relationship with Jesus.

And finally, last night we got to help Domi and her host family decorate their Christmas tree!  It was so fun!  We got a 3-foot fake one from our neighbor which took about 30 seconds to decorate (shoutout to the ornaments Mom sent!), so it was good to get a little more decorating out of our systems.

As we've been approaching this Christmas season, we've been bringing a lot of our attention to Isaiah 9:6.  Read that verse and apply all the names of the then-coming Christ to how He demonstrated them in His life.  He, and the hope He brought with Him through His Atonement, truly are the reasons for why we celebrate.  

I love you all!  Keep reading scriptures, keep praying, keep strengthening your relationship with your Father in Heaven.  He knows you and loves you, no matter if you feel you deserve it.  As our prophet Thomas S. Monson said, His love is just simply THERE.

Sister Jacobson

1.  We put the nativity on the CD player so baby Jesus could be serenaded by our singing Mormon Tabernacle Choir of angels.
2.  Even Santa needs the Gospel.
3.  Snow. (side note from NY, it was -6 in Pocatello today and in the 20's and 30's here in NY!)
4.  Here's that tag close-up you wanted! (Not quite the pose I anticipated!)

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