Monday, September 16, 2013

Every week is awsome!

Dear family & friends,
Awesome awesome week.  But what's new?  Every week is awesome.
Adriana: inspirational.  She kept thanking us this week, especially at the baptism and confirmation, but we really didn't do anything.  She pretty much baptized herself!  But the Spirit was incredibly strong during the baptismal service, and it bore witness to me again of the importance of eternal families.
Saturday morning during our personal study hour, the doorbell rang, and behind it was an old man with a walking stick in his hand and tears in his eyes.  He lives two doors down from us and said his wife had died two days earlier and really needed someone to pray with him.  It was a really heartbreakingly tender experience.  He was so humble, and just really needed someone to turn to.  I was yet again so grateful for the knowledge and ability we have to live with our families forever through this Gospel. 
Yesterday we went with one of our ward mission leaders to a house of someone who's really good friends with a nonmember here.  We all knelt and prayed over whether or not this was the time for this man to share the Gospel with his friend.  The Spirit was so thick in that room!  He just got married and we know now is the time.  We can see him being sealed to his new wife.  He's been prepared to hear this message!
Mission Leadership Council: amazing!  Such a strong spirit there!  We discussed the urgency of sharing this message.  It's crunch time.  These are the last days.  We're not just here to plant seeds of the Gospel message; we're here to lead those who have been prepared to the waters of baptism.  It's the gate by which we can follow the path to live with our Father in Heaven again.  It's so important!  That meeting and a meeting we had with our favorite ward mission leader who asked us both why we're here just reiterated how IMPORTANT this Gospel is!  It's eternal life!  It's endless joy!  This is the reason we're here as missionaries and we're all here as humans!  To find the Gospel, to live it, to love it, to prepare ourselves to live with God again through all the essential steps we need to take here!  There's NO way I could keep my mouth shut about this!!  Keep growing your testimonies.  Keep learning more.  Keep following the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And if you have any questions, ask the missionaries!  They can help you!
Not a lot of time.  I love you all!
-Sister Jacobson

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