Monday, July 14, 2014

Something HUGE is coming!

Hey, family & friends!

Well, this could have been a discouraging week, if we didn't love the work so much!  We found out that 3 of our investigators aren't necessarily who they say they are, our recent convert doesn't want to stay longer than sacrament meeting anymore, the Balvina's brother isn't nearly as supportive as we'd like him to be, and we still aren't really teaching anybody else regularly.

BUT, Sister Fredrick and I (as well as the whole zone, turns out) know that though we may be going through a rough patch, it's merely a trial of our faith.  There are times it would be easy to let ourselves get down and stay down, and there were times this week we were tempted to, but we can both feel that something HUGE is coming! 

This morning, I read Alma 8 (especially verses 13-18), and it applies so much to our situation!  Though Alma was about to turn his back on the city of Ammonihah forever and felt "weighed down with sorrow, wading through much tribulation and anguish of soul, because of the wickedness of the people," when the angel came to Alma, he told him that he has "great cause to rejoice" for being faithful in keeping the commandments.  Even though we may not be seeing the blessings of people to teach, we have reason to rejoice just for the sake of knowing about this Gospel, living it, and sharing it.  I don't care about the outward blessings anymore.  As much as I love having success in our area and helping others, I don't live the Gospel or serve faithfully for those rewards.  I've discovered it's because I love Him!  It's because I'm so grateful for His Atonement that I HAVE to work as hard as I can!  Just serving Him itself is a blessing, no matter what happens.  I love my Savior, and I fear not what men can do to me.
In other news, Balvina's back!  We've all decided it would be best to just keep meeting here, but let the baptism happen when she goes home. 

I've also seen firsthand the power of the Book of Mormon even more this week!  Yesterday, in one of those times where I was cave in to feelings of despair, we went to visit Balvina.  Before that, I just couldn't shake feelings of negativity, which is not normal for me.  But then we sat down and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her, and I IMMEDIATELY felt TONS better.  I realized that because of all the meetings we had had that morning, we never got the chance to study or read the scriptures.  That's so unusual for missionary work that it didn't even occur to me that maybe I need to read!  There is a tangible power and Spirit that comes from reading the Book of Mormon.  Next time you're in a bad mood, try it.  Dare you!
Love you all!  Find that sunshine in your soul today!
-Sister Jacobson

picture: Sister Trainer Leaders
Close up of Katie and her companion

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