Monday, February 24, 2014

Miracle magnet!

Hey, family & friends!

This week has been, as always, absolutely amazing!  I've said this in the past, but even more so now, we've been witnessing so many miracles pouring out on us this week!  Sister Mork is a miracle magnet.  It's awesome.

So Kaj's getting baptized in two days!  Yaayyy!  And he and his grandpa came to our ward yesterday!  YAAYYY!  We and the Relief Society President have started a movement in the ward to make his grandpa the scout leader.  There's no escape now.  (Muahaha.)

Also, remember that wonderful family that took Sister Gale and me in Christmas morning?  Well, we felt prompted to stop by earlier this week, and Stephanie and Mamie (her daughter) were home and free for a visit.  They told us their schedule had freed up a bit, and we're teaching them now!  They're both the sweetest people ever.

We also received a referral from one of our bishops of a new family that moved into the ward boundaries, and we went and visited them.  The mom (Allison) and her daughter (Carol) are members and the mom's boyfriend (Matt) is not.  The ladies are reactivating now--the young women are perfect with Carol!--and Matt is interested in seriously looking into the Church now!  They're a sweet, humble family, and we're excited to start teaching them too!

There's also this lady in one of our wards who invited a 9 year-old girl, who isn't a member, to dinner at their house last night with us, and went over to her house, got permission from her parents, and are going to be teaching her in the member's home, hopefully with the rest of the family sitting in.

And maybe the hugest miracle of the week--we've begun teaching a man named R.C.  He's been taught on and off by missionaries since 2006, and has nothing against the Church, but just has never wanted to join.  His wife has a very strong testimony of the Church, and his daughters, though not going, are also members, and they've abided by most of the Gospel standards their whole time together, and have loved having missionaries over for dinners and such.  We had been thinking of him for a few days (though I had only met him once before), and we decided to pay the family a visit.  Well, only he was home, so we weren't able to go in, but we talked to him on the doorstep and asked if he'd be willing to try taking the lessons again.  After thinking just for a few seconds, he said he actually would!  So we went to our scheduled appointment, and it was just him and his wife.  He told us beliefs and concerns of his that she had never known in 20 years of marriage, and promised to actually read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, something he's never done before.  We've received such a strong witness that his time is now, and he and his family will be able to receive so many blessings of peace and happiness that, although they've had both, they will have in so much greater abundance through this Gospel!

I've sensed a theme this week (like a lot of weeks out here).  Family is so crucial to God's plan.  Family is the center of everything.  But even more than that, as I've been trying to help these families receive the blessings of the Gospel, I've also been increasing in my love for all of you.  I'm realizing more and more how important you all are to me, and how grateful I am to be sealed to you for eternity.  I've been realizing more and more how much I love you!  I really do.  And I love seeing those pictures of all of you (or most of you) together from this past week!  Thank you for your prayers and support.  I've felt them, and I really do appreciate them.

I love you all, and I hope you feel my prayers, too!  I say them for you every night.

Sister Jacobson

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