Monday, February 3, 2014

Holy Crazies!

Hey, family & friends!

What.  A.  Week.  This might have been the best week of my mission.
First part of the week was pretty cool.  We had a lesson with Pat, and he said he would consider a baptism date!  That's way better than a "no" right off the bat!

We got to see John and Megan again.  They're way fun!  We talked a lot about how much we all love sriracha sauce, and they're going to feed us on wednesday!  And Felix is doing well, in case you were wondering!  We love him.

But really.  The main part of the week was friday and on.

I don't think I've told you all about Kandra, yet!  Kandra and her family has been taught since March of last year.  It used to be an elders' area, and they baptized their two children.  Kandra also wanted to be baptized, but because of own personal reasons wasn't ready yet.  However, this past friday, she decided that sunday was the day!  AAAHHHH!!!!  But wait, there's more!

The elders that found and taught them all and baptized the kids and Kandra had a really tight relationship, along with another Elder that was transferred in after they were baptized.  That one is our zone leader Elder Malau'ulu, one of the original two is home, and the other, Elder Lopes, is serving in Idaho Falls.  Kandra wanted Elder Lopes to baptize her as originally planned, and wanted Elder Malau'ulu to be there, but we decided to make it a surprise for both of them.  We got the Assistants to the President involved to call Elder Lopes and tell him that President wanted to meet with him, and we got Elder Malau'ulu to agree to help with our unexpected baptism that weekend for Kevin, a man who was already taught all the lessons and everything in Boise who had to move, but still wanted to get baptized.  

She told us on friday night at about 8:45pm (and curfew is 9:00).  So we had approximately a day and a half to get everything ready.  But you know what?  The Lord provides a way for all!  After a day and a half of scrambling to get everything in order, it all came perfectly together yesterday afternoon after stake conference.  (By the way, we had two general authorities come!  The stake presidency was just reorganized yesterday, and so these two area 70s were there to talk to us.  I was fangirling all over the place.)  The elders had NO idea, and the service was beautiful.  The Spirit was strong as Kandra took that step towards her eternal family. 

But surprises and crazies aside, it's SO amazing to see this HUMONGOUS miracle thrown at us! We've been working so hard and being so obedient, and to finally see it come to fruition in this way has strengthened my testimony of hard work and obedience even more.  When we do things the Lord's way, He has promised to be with us.  He has promised to bless us.  He might wait until we're in the 9th inning.  He might wait until we're sweating and straining and have pushed past what we thought our extremities were and then some.  But oh, my goodness, He will come through in the end! He always will!  He is a perfect God, and He always keeps His word!  Mosiah 2:41.  He has promised that keeping the commandments is the happiest way to live, and I testify of that with everything I have!  I will continue to testify of that until my dying day!
This!  Gospel!  Is!  True!
I love you all so much.  Believe in miracles!  They're so real.
Sister Jacobson  

1. Elder Erikson and Elder Marc B. Nash and the stake missionaries!
2. The elders and Kandra!

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