Monday, October 14, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen: it happened!

Hey, all!

 This is going to be the greatest transfer of my life.  Let me tell you a story!

 So once upon a time, Sister McKnight and I worked together at the Visitors' Center in Idaho Falls.  Since then, we talked about how much we would LOVE to be companions, but we probably wouldn't be able to because she's Spanish-speaking and I'm English-speaking.  Then she got put in an English area, and I got to see her at Mission Leadership Councils.  We talked about how much we would still LOVE to be companions, but it probably wouldn't happen. 
Ladies and gentlemen: it happened!

 She's the sweetest, funniest, most energetic, obedient, diligent, crazy, awesome, crazy awesome, healthy (running every morning?  Yes please!) missionary EVER!  We could probably power all of Pocatello with our energy and good times for a month.  Let's be honest.

So, amazing companion aside, I LOVE Highland also!  I've been in love with the area and the people here from day 1.  One of our wards is in the mountains, so we have incredible views, too!  And there are waaaay more non-Mormons here than in Rexburg!  We've gotten yelled at and Bible bashed up one side and down the other, and, to be honest, it's been super fun.  It's those ridiculous moments that you can either choose to let it discourage you, or choose to laugh it off, move on, and keep them in your good story basket.  We cover three wards in the Highland stake and a young single adult ward.  Way fun!

 We've found a bunch of new investigators and taught a bunch of other awesome people this week!  One is Sierra, an 18 year-old girl, who has been through a lot, but wants to be baptized.  There's also John, a man in his 70s with an awesome New York accent who always says we're "whacked" and has a huge crush on Sister McKnight.  I'll tell you more about our investigators as I get to know them more, but suffice it to say there are a bunch, and they're all wonderful. 

 This work is so amazing.  Every day, I realize more and more how blessed I am to be a part of sharing this glorious Gospel.  It truly is the only way to experience true happiness, and I feel that happiness every single second of every day, no matter my circumstances.

 I love you all so much!
-Sister Jacobson

1.  Yes, I got to see Elder Cook.  His trainer was my last district leader!(Elder Spencer Cook is from our stake and he and Katie have known each other thru most of their school years! He just reported to the Idaho Pocatello Mission from the Mexico City MTC.. His parents are currently serving as the Mission President of he Chile Santiago South Mission)
2.  Sometimes we have to crawl through fences.  No big.
3.  Mountains of Highland.
4.  So much love with companions!


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