Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm not the one teaching

Dear family & friends,

So remember that one time I got to spend all day every day with an amazing companion spreading this amazing Gospel with amazing people?  Yeah, I remember that one time.

I don't even know where to start with the events of the week, so I'll give an outline first.  We taught 19 lessons to investigators alone this week, and 9 to members, less active or otherwise.  We're stricter on what we count as a lesson here than I have been with other companions, so that's a big deal!  We haven't been focusing on how many lessons we've taught this week, but we looked back and saw the results of focusing on really inviting people to come unto Christ through baptism.  When we focus on what we can do as missionaries that no one else can and work our hardest to achieve it, amazing things happen.
So, investigators:

Wilbur is from Uganda.  Waaaay cool!  We were talking about the Holy Ghost in our last lesson and said, "The more we get to know God, the more He will show Himself to us," through the Holy Ghost. He then went on to say that through the Holy Ghost, God sends us spiritual gifts as tools to help us get back to Him.  I had never thought of it that way before!  I swear, I'm not the one teaching.  The Spirit teaches our investigators, and they teach us.

Theresa is getting baptized this weekend.  She fed us dinner on saturday!  She has an adorable 5 year-old daughter who drew us pictures of her and flowers.  Love it.  She's so excited for her baptism, and she's amazing.

Kenzie (young single adult) was taught by Sister McKnight when she first got here.  Her parents don't like the Church, so she didn't want to go through with baptism and stopped taking lessons.  BUT.  Then we got back in contact and said she had been doing a lot of thinking and wants to be baptized anyway!  Woo!  She's so cute, too!

We're teaching a few 11-13 year olds.  They're all great!  Kaylie, Taryn, and Lily.  Go team.

We had some investigators with baptismal dates that aren't able to get baptized on their dates because they didn't come to church this week.  They're wonderful, but they're not quite committed to this Gospel yet.  We'll keep working with them if they want to keep progressing, but we can't help anyone want to progress--we can only help those who already want to.

There's a man, Jim, that we're going to begin teaching soon!  He's been married to an active member for 47 years, and took missionary discussions 30 years ago, but apparently his parents were kind of against the Church.  He's the sweetest man EVER, and we did a family home evening with them last monday.  We asked him if he'd want to take the discussions again, and he said yes!  Woo!

There are SO many things going on, but that should be enough to catch you up to speed, more or less.

This work is AMAZING.  I'm living a dream come true, and the harder I dig, the harder I push, the more I love it.  There's nothing I'd rather be doing than inviting people to experience that happiness, hope, joy, and peace that I feel.

Alma 26:12 

I love you all so much!
~Sister Jacobson

(This is how I do weekly planning.)




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