Monday, January 6, 2014

First Letter of 2014!

Hey, family & friends!
Hope you had a great New Year's Eve/Day/week!  New Year's on the mission is crazy, I tell you what!  Party till 9:00 and sleep at 10:30... not much different than last year. ;)
On New Year's Day we had an all day P-day like Christmas, but with no Christmasy things to do, so we went exploring on Main Street!  It has a bunch of little stores like Main Street back home, but most of them were closed, so we looked into the windows like creepers.  And there was this cute little coffee shop that was open, so we got some steamed milk there--twice!  The owner was the only one in there, and he's not interested in hearing about the Gospel, but he makes some really good steamers!
Ariel's doing fabulously, as always.  She bore her testimony yesterday during testimony meeting in church and caused quite a stir!  Everyone was so excited that she was up there even before her baptism and were saying that if she has such an amazing testimony already and is willing to share it, then they need to shape up!  Amazing things are happening in our wards with the members.  The two wards we cover historically haven't had tons of work, so the ward members are a little less than focused on missionary work there, but there are some changes being made in leadership, change in attitudes about it, and change in the work being done, all right in sync with the new year! 
The other day, we saw and started talking to a guy on the street.  His name is CJ, and he met with missionaries before a few months ago somewhere different, and said that after he disagreed with some of the things the elders there said, they didn't come back.  He said he'd be more than willing to talk, though, and gladly accepted a Book of Mormon! 
On the same sketchy street, we talked to a young couple that's moving soon.  Jared is a less active member and Carry is not a member.  They've had lots of contact with missionaries, but she didn't know exactly what the Book of Mormon was.  We explained that it's a record of prophets in the Americas, similar to how the Bible is a record of prophets around Jerusalem.  We promised that if she were to read it, she would not only strengthen her relationship with God and answer personal questions through its words, but she would also come to know that this is Christ's Church restored to the Earth again.  We're going to help them move out on friday in exchange for a lesson!  They're way fun.
This week has been another testimony to me that we need to talk to EVERYONE we see!  We have something AMAZING!  Mosiah 2:41 talks about the "blessed and happy state" of those that keep the commandments, and we have that!  Who wouldn't want promised added happiness in this life and the life to come??  Many people are looking for this peace and joy and simply don't know where to find it.  So we just HAVE to "let our light so shine before men!"  It's not enough to hope people ask us why we're happy all the time or ask us about the Gospel and Church anymore.  We must actively be engaged in the work of sharing this marvelous gift we've been blessed with.  And I promise, as a representative of Jesus Christ, that this IS the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, it WILL bless ANYONE'S/EVERYONE'S life, and if we open our mouths, they will be filled with the words God wants us to say.  I've experienced it many, many times.
I love you all, and I'm glad to hear you had a fun, rib-filled New Year!
(Katie's family grilled Ribs at home on New Years Eve!)
Sister Jacobson
 So there's this wall.......

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