Monday, March 18, 2013

God's army!

Hey, family & friends!

Shout-out to my future missionary compadres!! God's army, represent!!
Lots of finding this week, and lots of potential! Nothing spectacular, but surely spectacular things to come very soon. Prayer, fasting, hard work, and exact obedience bring blessings. And if your desires are good, then they shall be granted you. (Read Doctrine and Covenants 6. It's magically delicious.)
We tracted into one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen this week! 
Also, we went to the dentist! Did you know that you don't reap the benefits of flouride in your toothpaste if you rinse your mouth  out afterward? Just spit out the extra. Don't rinse.
We've been taking out a 20 year-old, Karen, out with us to teach these past few weeks. She is so much fun and so great. She had received her mission call to Italy, and her farewell was yesterday. How exciting! And how interesting. It's hard to believe I gave one of those a short two months ago. So touching to kind of relive the beginning of such an important, rewarding journey. she's going to do great things.
In addition to that pleasant flashback, transfers were this week, so we got to meet a bunch of the new missionaries! 29, with 9 of them being sisters!! In the visitors' center, there are 6 companionships of sisters: three english-speaking, three spanish-speaking. Sister Kuhns and I were the only ones not changed--two of the sisters went home, and a bunch were transferred, so 5 sisters in the VC are training! The new sisters are so great!! So solid. Kind of weird--one of them was talking to someone and said she was "fresh out of the MTC," which is what I would say. In that moment, I realized I can't say that anymore! I feel like I've learned and grown and changed SO much here, but I still feel like I have so far to go.... because I do. It's just... It's just cool.
Liz came to church! We weren't able to see her this past week since she was still sick, but she came back to church! Woooo!!! And we saw Teva three times this week!    He knows the church is true, and he has grown so much from the trials he was given. What a guy. Oh, and he buys us frozen yogurt all the time. What. A. Guy.
Assignment: watch the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb." Proceed to bawl.
Out of time! I love you all so much!! But, more importantly, I love the Lord. And He loves you too.

All my love,
Sister Jacobson

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